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"The Gai" (Signed T-Shirt)

"The Gai" (Signed T-Shirt)

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The Wearable Worldbuilding™ Collection

Living in Hop isn’t easy. It’s even harder to find good clothes to wear, let alone stylish ones! But that didn't stop Gaiel (GUY-el) Izz, known affectionately just as "Gai." He took some old, soggy Electri City newspapers he’d scooped from the crazy waters of the Domus Gulf and made clothes from them. What a creative guy!

Written and designed by Wes Dyson, this one-of-a-kind, unisex t-shit features real news articles from Electri City, with headlines taken right from the Myracles in the Void story! Comes with signed tags.

  • Unisex
  • Original artwork
  • Oversized, loose-fitting style
  • Tags signed by Wes Dyson
  • 8 Size options

    Please refer to the Size Chart to find the best fit!

    Care Instructions:
    100% Cotten-like Polyester with Thermal Sublimation printing - Regular handwash; Machine wash (max 40℃ or 105F); Do not bleach; Iron on a low heat; Regular dry cleaning; Tumble dry.


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