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Myracles in the Void: Definitive Edition (Signed, Hardcover)

Myracles in the Void: Definitive Edition (Signed, Hardcover)

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The Definitive Edition of Myracles in the Void includes the original, award-winning novel, as well as a 27-chapter bonus story called "The Intervening."

About Myracles in the Void:

This is the story of the Izz Family from the forgotten, floating port town of Hop. The family's home, and indeed all of Hop, is made from repurposed ships, signs, barrels and boxes. The eldest child, Gai, is known for his ability to fix things, and he uses his talent to create a fiddle for his sister Lynd's thirteenth birthday. Lynd, on the other hand, is known to have objects suddenly break around her as if by magic.

When Lynd suddenly disappears in a flash of destructive fury, all of Hop turns against the Izz family, accusing them of being cursed. Their father, Stav, had disappeared under strange circumstances as well.

In his desperation, Gai discovers he can do more than just fix things with his hands, he also has a certain magic — one that seems to bring things back together. He also learns more about his father's disappearance and an ‘illness’ he had before he left. He worries for his sister, wondering if the same thing plagued her. With the help of a giant turtle named Emilie, Gai sets out from Hop to clear his family’s name, vowing to bring them all back together.

Along his journey across the sea, he encounters a tech-city of gnomes, a Pocket Realm inside a beautiful painting, a tree that grants everlasting youth at a price, and of course answers to the nature of his powers — and his sister’s. They are not the only ones.

In the world of Esa, all hearts posses a magic called myra that either bonds or breaks, creates or destroys. The use of this power, called a myracle, can be used to manipulate reality, such as creating or destroying objects, healing injuries, or altering the environment. However, they are not without their consequences; using the destructive power, called Ruin, can eventually turn that person into a Void — a monster with an unstoppable appetite for destruction that will engulf the entire world.

Will Gai be able to find the source of the Ruin that has torn his family apart and save his sister and father before it’s too late?

  • Massachusetts Center for the Book Must-Read List, 2023
  • Eric Hoffer Awards Science Fiction/Fantasy Winner, 2023
  • Forward INDIES Book of the Year Award Nominee, Fantasy, 2023

Myracles in the Void is about the many things that break in our lives, and our ability to fix them. It’s about the bonds of family and community, how trust and faith can be broken, and how we have the ultimate power to create or destroy our world.

About The Intervening:

Lynd, Kal, Kabbage are all back in this exciting set of interweaving stories from Esa!

After you’ve read Myracles in the Void, dive right back into the action with more epic battles, more twists, more wild myracles, and of course new friends and new enemies.

Set during the intervening years we didn’t get to see in the original story, witness the rise of a new Commandress of Carpè and the war that started it all; come inside the sacred and secretive ceremony of the Safar, the terrifying final test to becoming a true Heartbrand; experience the exhilarating Myracles Akademy sport called “Conjua!” where students create creatures from their wildest imaginations and battle them in an arena of shifting elements; and get on the streets of Electri City with Kabbage in a hilarious adventure to become the ultimate Thinker.


  • Signed by Wes Dyson
  • Hardcover
  • 520 Pages


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