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MITV: The Intervening (eBook)

MITV: The Intervening (eBook)

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Lynd, Kal, Kabbage are all back in this exciting set of interweaving stories from Esa!

After you’ve read the original Myracles in the Void, dive right back into the action with more epic battles, more twists, more wild myracles, and of course new friends and new enemies.

Set during the intervening years we didn’t get to see in the original story, witness the rise of a new Commandress of Carpè and the war that started it all; come inside the sacred and secretive ceremony of the Safar, the terrifying final test to becoming a true Heartbrand; experience the exhilarating Myracles Akademy sport called “Conjua!” where students create creatures from their wildest imaginations and battle them in an arena of shifting elements; and get on the streets of Electri City with Kabbage in a hilarious adventure to become the ultimate Thinker.

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The Intervening is included in the Definitive Edition Hardcover of Myracles in the Void. 

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